Some Additional Age & Space Limitations

Full PostboxSo far the only age limitation that’s been actively enforced is that we automatically delete any spam older than 30 days. Depending on the spam flow I may tighten that down to 15 days, but for now it seems to be holding well.

In reviewing my server’s disk usage, I’m planning on implementing two additional automated cleanups:

Anything in a trash folder older than 30 days would be deleted. This really applies only to those who use webmail, or IMAP, to access your email. If use the suggested POP3 pick-up from an email program or service, you’re probably not using a trash folder on

Any new/unread mail older then 90 days would be deleted. This implies you haven’t even logged in to check or fetch email in three months. Rather than just close the account for inactivity, this’ll keep it open for a while longer.

A reminder that I also monitor disk usage on the server overall and if your account approaches “quota” (the pre-configured limit) you’ll probably hear from me. 🙂