How do I get an exmsft.com account?

Instructions are here: Signing up for an exmsft.com email address.

How do I configure access?

That’s all right here: POP3/SMTP account configuration.

Why can’t I get a forwarder instead of a POP3 account?

Because without a strong spam filter in front of exmsft.com we forward everything, including spam. To many forwarded destinations, then, this looks like we are the source of said spam, and they blacklist exmsft.com breaking all forwarders to those services, as well as regular email to those services sent through exmsft.com. You can read more here: The problem with spam.

I run my own mail server, can I get a forwarder?

No. We used to allow this with restrictions but then … spam. I had to terminate the option.

I lost my signup confirmation, can you resend it?

Except for your password, it’s all in here: Your new exmsft.com account.


Is exmsft.com down?

If exmsft.com has disappeared completely for you, meaning it appears that the server is down, it’s actually more likely that you’re coming at it from an IP address that has been temporarily or permanently blocked due to being an originating source for brute force hacking attempts. 

You may also be blocked at your current IP address for getting your own password wrong too many times while trying to log in to the POP mail server.

The fact that you can read this page would indicate you’re not blocked completely, but you may still be blocked by the mail service.

Or you actually have your password wrong. 🙂

In either case, contact info<at>exmsft.com with the specifics, including your IP address, and I’ll see what I can do. Typically that means seeing if your IP address is blocked, and/or resetting your password.

What kind of server is exmsft.com?

All the gory details are here.

Receiving email

A test send to myself fails

Using Gmail? If you use Gmail to send the test and you expect to receive that test in the same Gmail account (via, say, POP3 pickup), GMail will try to outsmart you. When it receives your message it sees that it already has it (since it sent it in the first place), and doesn’t notify you of the new arrival. Try sending from a different account.

Use webmail to see if your email has arrived on the exmsft.com server. If it has, then the problem is with however you’re picking that email up via POP3; check your configuration. If it has not, double check that your message was successfully sent in the first place. Be sure to give it some time (email is not necessarily instantaneous, and there are spam fighting techniques that induce delays). If there’s still a problem email info<at>exmsft.com with the details and we’ll try to help.

Sending email

I can’t seem to send mail

If you have a POP account and are having problems sending email double check the settings, but otherwise drop a line to info<at>exmsft.com (from another account, obviously) and let me know what’s up. I’ll try to help if I can.


Do you do any spam filtering?

Very little. There is some basic spam filtering in place, but it’s designed to discard only the most obvious spam. We make this choice so as to avoid losing email due to detecting false positives. We may add additional spam fighting techniques in the future, but ultimately exmsft.com relies on your filtering spam at the receiving end. (Hence our recommendation to use a service like Gmail to pick up your exmsft.com mail.)

Can we pay you to do spam filtering?

Not at this time. I’m trying very hard to avoid the ongoing headache / bureaucracy / paperwork / bookkeeping associated with accepting money for services here at exmsft.com. Using a service like Gmail to get your email and filter spam represents an effective approach and compromise.


I forgot my password

Send mail to info<at>exmsft.com. I can’t recover your password, but I can set a new one. Since you’ll receive that password through the mail, I expect you to change it at your earliest opportunity. Please see the next item.

How do I change my password?

The instructions are here: Changing your POP login password


What’s this about a meltdown?

In 2012 we lost the entire server. The whole sordid story is here: The exmsft.com meltdown of 2012.


What are the terms of service?

Minimal, at best. 🙂 Here’s the full scoop: exmsft.com terms and full disclosure.