2015-07-17: POP3 Migration Complete

We no longer have a spam filter sitting in front of exmsft.com. As a result:

  • No new forwarding accounts are being created, POP3 accounts (with some limitations) are available. Please read The post-MailArmory plan for details.
  • POP3 accounts have been created for all forwarders, and email has been sent to each forwarded-to email account with the password and instructions.
  • All forwarders have been deleted.
  • The FAQ has (and probably will continue to be) been updated.

Status: calling the migration “done”, with a couple of caveats below. The server has been plugging along well in its current configuration. Yay! I let MailArmory know yesterday we were done and they could turn out the lights. (Turns out we’re *not* the only/last user, which surprised me. But those users may be in for a surprise come August 1, so our timing here is near perfect.)

Caveat #1: Outlook.com (and perhaps Office365) remains problematic for some. We actually have someone on the inside (at least with a microsoft email address 🙂 ) who indicates they’re looking into it. I continue to recommend Gmail (works *great* for me).

Caveat #2: a few individuals are having problems connecting up. I suspect that’s mostly due to the server’s protecting itself, as I outlined in a previous post here. Drop me an email – leon<at>exmsft.com – include your IP address, and we’ll diagnose as best as we can.

Finally, a few people have asked how they can pay me back. To be clear, I have zero expectation – this is a service to the exmsft community. (MS been berry berry good to me, and all that.) That being said:

  • Of greatest value is simply promoting my day job: https://askleo.com . Tell your friends, your parents, the people you’re tired of providing support for. Have ’em sign up for my newsletter.
  • If you just wanna throw money at me, well… there is this: http://buyleoalatte.com 🙂

I’m expecting updates to now return to their every-so-often pace, as they were prior to our little adventure. I’ll probably keep updating the web site – the new FAQ in particular – as I see patterns in the questions that I get asked.

I’ve probably said it too many times, but I really DO appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding during the transition. Thank you.

Have a great weekend….