Changing your POP login password and … WebMail!

Changing your password

The accounts that are generated here come with a secure password. Since that’s been sent to you via email, it may be a good idea to change it.

Go to – you may get a big scary security warning from your browser that the server’s security certificate does not match the URL. Accept the warning and your session will still be encrypted.

You then may get an authentication pop-up from your browser:

Auth Dialog

Ignore/cancel that. This is not the login you’re looking for.

Next up, the real login screen (might look somewhat different as versions change):

Webmail Login

Login with your email address and your current password.

On the resulting page you should see an icon on the left labelled “Webmail Home”.

Webmail Home

Click on that and you’ll be taken to a page with many actions available.

cPanel Mail Actions

To change your password, click on Password & Security in that menu. You’ll be taken to a pretty standard change-your-password screen.

You know what to do. From there you’re on your own. (Passwords can be reset, but not recovered, if you get completely lost.)

There may be an option to ‘link to an external provider’. No idea how that works, it was added in an update long after all this was set up. Use at your own risk.


You’re of course welcome to use it; it’s actually quite powerful.

However: my ability to support this is extremely limited.


Please don’t use this. In fact, I reserve the right to remove forwards I find. The problem is that we forward unfiltered spam, and that can then cause the entire server to be blocked by assorted destinations of that forward.

Updated: 2023-12-8