The meltdown of 2012

If you’re wondering if had been having problems, you’re quite correct – it was. Emphasis on “was”. In the first half of March 2012 the original had a major and terminal meltdown.

This is the completely new server, and at the same time a new volunteer owner: Leo Notenboom. As a result there have been some major changes, and I apologize for the sudden nature of those.

We do not have the list of the existing accounts or forwards that were on the old server – all data was lost. We’re relying on you to tell us what’s broken.

What you need to do:

  • If you had an email forward ( address simply forwarded to another email address) and it’s no longer working, send email to “info <at>” with the email addresses involved. (You know to replace the ” <at> ” with @, right? ūüôā ).
  • If you had an email account (a POP3 mailbox) on exmsft ¬†and it’s no longer working, send email to¬†“info <at>” with the email address involved, we’ll set up a new one.
  • If you had a web site (something like¬†¬†email¬†“info <at>” with the details. We cannot recover the data (all has been lost), but if that URL is critical we can re-establish it. Given that it’s now been over three¬†years since the crash, the assumption is that there are no critical sites left.
  • If you’re looking for a new¬†account: Instructions are here.

If you’re on Facebook you might also consider joining the Facebook group named “”. It’s a channel for status information and discussions:¬† It’s been used heavily during the recent turmoil.

The (rough) cronology:

On March 12th, 2012 the original server died when as part of moving it to a new data center it was mistakenly plugged into a 220v outlet. All data was lost.

On March 14th the new permanent home of came online. It’s up and running and happy and we’re re-establishing forwards and accounts that previously existed in response to emailed requests. The new server is actually a virtual server with both support and nightly backups – you can read more about the specific configuration here.