Your new account

If you were given a link to this page after requesting an account then it’s been set up; welcome to the ranks. Please read this entire page. You now have a new email address of the form, where “oldalias” is your old Microsoft alias. I have no control, influence or information on what happens […]

Converting from a forwarder to POP3

Short version: You should have received your new email password. You can configure your POP3 client using the information in this post: POP3/SMTP account configuration. You can change your password using the information in this post: Changing your POP login password and … WebMail! Important: there is a quota, currently defaulting to 50 megabytes. If you accumulate too […]

New “one strike” rule for POP accounts

Effective immediately I’m instituting a “one strike” rule for POP3 account: if your POP3 account is found responsible for sending spam through the server, it will be suspended. I’m sorry to have to take this strong a measure, but I see no alternative. In recent weeks several major email providers have placed on […]

Changing your POP login password and … WebMail!

Changing your password The accounts that are generated here come with a secure password. Since that’s been sent to you via email, it may be a good idea to change it. Go to – you may get a big scary security warning from your browser that the server’s security certificate does not match the URL. Accept […]

POP3/SMTP account configuration

Follow these instructions carefully. They are not the default as recommended or pre-filled in by many email programs or services. These are the settings used for POP3 email accounts on Mail Server Username: – your full email address. Incoming Mail Server: port 110 (POP3) Outgoing Mail Server: (server requires authentication) port 25 Port 26 is […]