New Server 2017

On July 15th between 12:00 and 14:00 was moved to a new server.

Current issues

  • DNS propagation is underway. Because of the way incoming mail is handled, that should transfer over immediately. Depending on how you send you may have issues until the DNS changes are complete. Should be only a matter of a few hours.
  • Those with server space (i.e. “~” directories) aren’t working yet. I don’t know why, and have a ticket into the host.

Remaining Steps

I’ll probably turn off the old server completely the evening of 7/15 after taking a final backup image.


The old server had been giving this warning for some time:

It’s the Linux version of the Windows XP / Vista no longer being supported scenario.

My “other” server, which houses and other things, is Centos 7 which is good to 2024 I’m told. So I dedicated an IP address to and merged it in. (I wanted to be on its own IP address so as to avoid any negative reputation or impacts to the other sites and mail services housed on that server.) It’s also a bigger/faster server overall.

For the terminally curious, I’ve updated the server configuration page.