Quotas and Spam and Bounces, Oh My!

A reminder that the published quota or available storage for email on exmsft.com is 50 megabytes per account. Supported usage is that you download your email to your own email program or another email service using POP3, thus removing it from the exmsft.com server. Accounts that exceed their quota cause bounces, and those bounces — particularly to spam — have been causing our server to once again get rate-limited or blacklisted by various email service providers.


  • Accounts that go over quota will be disabled. I must assume you’re simply not paying attention to the account any more and no longer need it. Once deleted email sent to the now non-existant email address will simply disappear without notification.
  • Spam older than 14 days will be automatically deleted.

Ensuring you get your mail

There are two things you should do to ensure that your account never exceeds the storage quota:

  1. Regularly download your email using POP3 to another email service or program. Do not “leave mail on server”.
  2. Periodically check in to webmail and examine spam folders that may hold email not downloaded by POP3.

You can also check your own account’s disk usage by accessing webmail, and then clicking on “Manage Disk Usage”.

Manage Disk Usage

Running a mail server is incredibly complex in these days of spam and other forms of email abuse. I thank you for both your understanding and your patience.

Leo A. Notenboom
exmsft.com caretaker