“You are approaching quota” – Steps to take

I try to keep an eye on accounts that are approaching their 50MB quota, and I’ll try and send out a warning if it appears you’re on track to reach it – usually at the 40MB point for most accounts.

When an account reaches its quota, I delete it so as to prevent “mailbox full” bounce messages that would result. Unfortunately many email services take those bounces as signs of spam and it thus negatively impacts our servers reputation and in turn our ability to send legitimate email.

If I send a warning and I hear nothing back I can only assume the account’s no longer in use, and that’s the reason for email simply accumulating on the server.

If you do get a warning I recommend the following steps:

  1. Ensure that you are regularly (my recommendation: daily) downloading your exmsft.com email using a POP3 client. Make sure that it’s not configured to “leave messages on server”.
  2. Log in to exmsft.com webmail and check any additional folders for excessive spam. The spam filter on the server will deflect some spam into folders which are not accessed by POP3. While those folders are emptied nightly of spam older than two-weeks, I have seen some folks get spam at an excessively high rate. If you find spam that adds up to something approaching the 50MB quota, and it’s all less than two weeks old, contact me and we’ll work something out.

Remember, exmsft.com email was never really intended to be a full-featured primary email service. Issues with spam have severely impacted our ability to be flexible about what services we can and cannot offer.

Thanks, as always, for your patience and understanding.

Leo (who’s really, really, REALLY, tired of spammers)