Changing your POP login password and … WebMail!

Changing your password

The accounts that are generated here come with a secure password. Since that’s been sent to you via email, it may be a good idea to change it.

Go to – you will get a big scary security warning from your browser that the server’s security certificate does not match the URL. That’s correct. The URL is, and the self-signed certificate is for – you can check that if you like. Accept the warning and your session will still be encrypted.

You then may get an authentication pop-up from your browser:

Auth Dialog

Ignore/cancel that. This is not the login you’re looking for.

Next up, the real login screen (might look somewhat different as versions change): Webmail login

Login with your email address and your current password.

Next up, a choice of webmail client. webmail client choice

NOTE the lower left-hand corner: Change Password. Click on that:

Change Password dialog

From there you’re on your own. (Passwords can be reset, but not recovered, if you get completely lost.)


You’re of course welcome to use it; it’s actually quite powerful. You have your choice of three different webmail interfaces even.

However: my ability to support this is extremely limited. I’ve actually rarely if ever even used any of the three. I will say that there’s lots of information on them out on the web, so if you’re having difficulties that would be my first suggestion.


Please don’t use this. In fact, I reserve the right to remove forwards I find. The problem is that we forward unfiltered spam, and that can then cause the entire server to be blocked by assorted destinations of that forward.