Your new account

If you were given a link to this page after requesting an account then it’s been set up; welcome to the ranks. Please read this entire page. You now have a new email address of the form, where “oldalias” is your old Microsoft alias. I have no control, influence or information on what happens […]

Converting from a forwarder to POP3

Short version: You should have received your new email password. You can configure your POP3 client using the information in this post: POP3/SMTP account configuration. You can change your password using the information in this post: Changing your POP login password and … WebMail! Important: there is a quota, currently defaulting to 50 megabytes. If you accumulate too […]

The post-MailArmory plan

With the death of MailArmory, and the lack of viable alternatives, the plan now boils down to this: Convert all forwarders to POP3 accounts Stop forwarding, and thus stop getting black listed for forwarding spam Place the responsibility for most spam filtering on the user Remove MailArmory from the picture completely My goal will be […]

The problem with spam

With MailArmory on its last legs I wanted to outline exactly why spam is such a big issue for As you might imagine, there’s a lot of spam headed at email addresses on the While most, I’m sure, are typical, run of the mill, spam-the-world kinds of spam, I also suspect that there […]

New “one strike” rule for POP accounts

Effective immediately I’m instituting a “one strike” rule for POP3 account: if your POP3 account is found responsible for sending spam through the server, it will be suspended. I’m sorry to have to take this strong a measure, but I see no alternative. In recent weeks several major email providers have placed on […]

SSH, SFTP and FTP access

The item applies only to those folks that have “shell” access and/or personal websites hosted on Those with other accounts can move along … nothing to see here. (And in case you’re wondering, this is provided as a legacy service to folks who had it since “the old days”. With few exceptions we’re not setting […]

Why am I being asked to verify this (possibly former) Microsoft employee? provides email services for ex-Microsoft employees. If someone requests an account but is unable to send from their email address we ask that they provide one or more references from existing Microsoft employees. If you’ve received such a confirmation request from the administrator (currently Leo Notenboom), that’s all that’s going on. We […]

Server Configuration

For some reason the demographics of tend towards the geeky – people entertained by things like server configurations and the like. Fine. As of May 28, 2022 runs on a VPS out at InMotion Hosting. The server is “dedicated”, in that it’s 100% dedicated to Since it’s virtual we actually have no […]

Signing up for an email address

Signing Up IMPORTANT: for a variety of reasons (expanded on here), we are no longer providing forwarding services. Instead, we can provide POP3 accounts with 50MB quotas. Configuration information is here. What you’re asking for To be clear, what you will be requesting is a new email address of the form: alias<at> where “alias” is your […]

The meltdown of 2012

If you’re wondering if had been having problems, you’re quite correct – it was. Emphasis on “was”. In the first half of March 2012 the original had a major and terminal meltdown. This is the completely new server, and at the same time a new volunteer owner: Leo Notenboom. As a result […]