We’re Losing Our Spam Filter — Again

1) You will soon be getting more spam in your exmsft.com email account. 2) Forwarders you’ve set up manually may stop working. What’s happening I’ve been informed by my hosting company that the front-end spam filter we’ve been using for some time is being discontinued in January 2018. There is no equivalent replacement planned. (They’re […]

FAQ: exmsft.com hosting alternatives

Whenever we run into a hiccup relating to exmsft.com mail delivery, spam filtering, quotas, or just about anything, I’m often the recipient of several well meaning “suggestions” about how exmsft.com should be handled. These are some of the most common, and the current status of each. For the discussion below realize that exmsft.com hosts just […]

“You are approaching quota” – Steps to take

Important: If you get this notification, you have roughly 48 hours to take some kind of action. I’m sorry that it’s that short, but if your account actually reaches quota the server starts bouncing email  that can have a negative impact on everyone else’s accounts and deliverability. If it’s not enough time, then at least […]

Quotas and Spam and Bounces, Oh My!

A reminder that the published quota or available storage for email on exmsft.com is 50 megabytes per account. Supported usage is that you download your email to your own email program or another email service using POP3, thus removing it from the exmsft.com server. Accounts that exceed their quota cause bounces, and those bounces — […]

New Server 2017

On July 15th between 12:00 and 14:00 exmsft.com was moved to a new server. Current issues DNS propagation is underway. Because of the way incoming mail is handled, that should transfer over immediately. Depending on how you send you may have issues until the DNS changes are complete. Should be only a matter of a […]

Server Status

2015-07-17: POP3 Migration Complete We no longer have a spam filter sitting in front of exmsft.com. As a result: No new forwarding accounts are being created, POP3 accounts (with some limitations) are available. Please read The post-MailArmory plan for details. POP3 accounts have been created for all forwarders, and email has been sent to each forwarded-to email account […]


Accounts How do I get an exmsft.com account? Instructions are here: Signing up for an exmsft.com email address. How do I configure access? That’s all right here: POP3/SMTP account configuration. Why can’t I get a forwarder instead of a POP3 account? Because without a strong spam filter in front of exmsft.com we forward everything, including […]

Your new exmsft.com account

If you were given a link to this page after requesting an exmsft.com account then it’s been set up; welcome to the ranks. Please read this entire page. You now have a new email address of the form oldalias@exmsft.com, where “oldalias” is your old Microsoft alias. I have no control, influence or information on what happens […]

Converting from a forwarder to POP3

Short version: You should have received your new exmsft.com email password. You can configure your POP3 client using the information in this post: POP3/SMTP account configuration. You can change your password using the information in this post: Changing your POP login password and … WebMail! Important: there is a quota, currently defaulting to 50 megabytes. If you accumulate too […]

The post-MailArmory plan

With the death of MailArmory, and the lack of viable alternatives, the plan now boils down to this: Convert all forwarders to POP3 accounts Stop forwarding, and thus stop getting black listed for forwarding spam Place the responsibility for most spam filtering on the user Remove MailArmory from the picture completely My goal will be […]